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  • The Endometriosis Experience Exchange 2019
  • Women Uplifting Girls, Halifax 2018
Toronto 2019

With experience and collaboration comes change and results. This engagement was designed to bring about the most important talking points of today's Endometriosis climate. With a new landscape in Canada developing on the Patient front, research into the past vs present and what might come next was the focus of an in-depth study as well as presentation of the fascinating results (along with discussion) at the Endometriosis Experience Exchange in March 2018, Toronto Ontario.

Halifax 2018

History reminds us of a belief that girls dislike other girls (and women dislike other women). This notion is one that has permeated society yet has absolutely no foundation and, with continued societal "PR" influences both girls and women to a position not natural to their character. It is this gained understanding that opens mentorship doors throughout the Country, doors that women open for their younger peers with hope of them stepping through.