NOte: Due to COVID-19, speaking engagements will no longer be booked for 2020 and 2021. 

Entrepreneur, Skilled I.T and Women's Health Lobbyist Patricia Lee tackles Women's Issues including Health, Business in Canada and other topics where expertise meets communicative savvy.

Past Engagements

September, 2020
Keynote Speaker + Guest Lecture - CanS.A.G.E. (Saskatoon) 
Canadian Society for Surgeons and Gynecological Excellence

July 22, 2020
Guest Speaker, Uterine Health Summit, Toronto ON. 

May 15, 2020
Keynote Speaker, Research Foundation for Uterine Disorders Canada, Vancouver BC

August 9, 2019
Guest Speaker, Endometriosis Exchange, Toronto ON

June 17, 2019
Guest Speaker, Uterine Health Conference, Edmonton, AB

March 7, 2019
Moderator, Uterine Health Conference, Kelowna, BC

November 17, 2018
Leadership Engagement, Fibroids Symposium (TC2), Halifax, NS

October 14, 2018
Participant, Endometriosis Exchange Conference (TC1), Halifax, NS

September. 20, 2018
3 day Participation, CanSAGE (Canadian Society for the Advancement of Gynecological Excellence) Banff, Ab. 

May 28, 2018
Guest Speaker, Private Screening: The Pad Man, Ottawa, Ontario

May 27, 2018
Guest Speaker, Women's Health: CBC Radio, Ontario

March 21, 2018
Speaker, Information Exchange, Endometriosis in the Spotlight, Toronto, Ontario

March 8, 2018
Head Speaker Invitation, International Women's Day, Masaka, Uganda 

March 22, 2018
Guest Speaker, the Endometriosis Experience Exchange, Toronto, Ontario

January 17, 2018
Head Speaker, Empowered - Making use of Canada's Health Care

November 27, 2017
Guest Speaker, Women's Health Symposium, Toronto, Ontario

June 21, 2017
Head Speaker, Comfortable in My Skin, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

May 23, 2017
Head Speaker, The Body Electric: Women's Endocrine Forum, Halifax, Nova Scotia

May 22, 2017
Head Speaker, The Teen Girls Dream of Achieving Business Success, Halifax, Nova Scotia

October 8, 2016
Head Speaker, Supporting Your I.T. Lifestyle from Home, Edmonton, Alberta

June 14, 2016
Guest Speaker, Apply Today's Tech Skills to Tomorrow's Economy, Vancouver, BC

May 17, 2015
Guest Speaker, Women's Health Coalition Round-table, Edmonton, Alberta

March 11, 2015
Guest Speaker, Distribution Online, Music, Media or Meat, Austin Texas, South x Southwest

June 18, 2013
Guest Speaker, Women's Health Summit 2013, Toronto, Ontario

June 13, 2012
Guest Speaker, Women's Health Summit, Toronto, Ontario