Patricia C. Lee Professional Biography and Background

Six years as a Legislative Reporter at the British Columbia Press Gallery, 19 years as a successful HiTech entrepreneur and 7 years in active Patient Group Management supports a skill-set (and extensive knowledge) on a variety of topics.

Kindred with gritty street experience and an extremely engaging presence, Lee contributes motivation and stimulates conversation at forums, meetings and seminars.

Available to speak on a number of subjects, appearances by Patricia Lee are nothing short of gripping. The following experiences and skills are drawn upon to make your Conference, Symposium or Convention one that is talked about long after your audience has left the building.

Patient Group Management, Research and Endowment

It was my work on "What I See When I Close My Eyes" (a documentary of Children in Cambodia) that began a rewarding path toward helping people outside of Canada. Produced and Directed by Leslie Hope, What I See required special attention to politically sensitive marketing aligned with an aggressive online presence. Through this experience windows began to open to a world where there simply is no room for blinds.

Ongoing: Founder CANFib, Canadian Incorporated Group focusing on Endocrine disorders
Ongoing: Founding Member and Board of Directors, Women's Health Coalition Alberta
Ongoing: Marketing, Communications and fundraising, Women's Health Coalition, Alberta
Ongoing: Chairman of Marketing and Communications Committee, Women's Health Coalition, Alberta. 
Ongoing: Founding Benefactor, Princess Patricia Hospital, Uganda
Ongoing: Research Director of Women's Health, Media Moguls Canada
Ongoing: Speaking Engagements, Collaborative Health Forums, Canada
Ongoing: Patient Voice Contributions by Request, Health Canada
Ongoing: Speaking Engagements Health and Better Living, Uganda
Marketing and Footprint, What I See When I Close My Eyes, Cambodia

Journalism History

An aggressive Journalism background that features Private Interviews with Top Officials from the Premier of British Columbia to MPs and MLAs of various Canadian Provinces. Articles have appeared in Daily Newspapers and highly circulated Magazines as well as chains of smaller newspapers all with an eye to a reporting style that is in-depth, exciting and accurate.

American Political Coverage, Palmer Report (current contributor)
Legislative Reporter B.C. Provincial Press Gallery
Regular Contributor, Politics and Policy Magazine
Regular Contributor, BC Politics Magazine
Regular Contributor, Forest Planning Canada Magazine
Contributor, Beautiful BC Magazine
Contributor, Toronto Star

Business History

Starting business from the ground up requires a certain flare for adventure and curiosity of the unknown. These businesses were all Fresh Starts; each either sold or still managed ongoing. From HiTech industry to Cosmetics Made in Canada, business forumlas executed following solid planning stages and moving through tried and tested pathways prove to be successful based on great ideas, killer marketing and personal tenacity.

Founder, Mobile Office, Retail Mobile Communication stores, (Sold 1995)
Founder, | Premium Web Services (Active)
Founder, Secure Internet Purchasing, USA (Sold 2006)
Founder, JoCool Car Care (Sold 2000)
Founder, JoCool Cosmetics Canada (Active)
Founder, JoCool Finishing School Canada (Active)
Founder, CANFib Incorporated (Active) 

Extended Stay / Travel and Temporary Relocation

To taste life (even briefly) as lead by another person, in another culture, is a gift; it allows one the experience of perspective and the perspective of experience. Here are some of the experiences that impacted my life; the very experiences that come into play when speaking engagements warrant an added depth or angle not normally evidenced in everyday conversation or observation.

Hong Kong (1986)
Hong Kong (2006)
Hong Kong (2008)
Seoul (1986)
Los Angeles (1998)
Los Angeles (1999)
Los Angeles (2001)
Austin (2002)
Los Angeles (2002)
Los Angeles (2003)
Toronto (2003)
Vancouver (2000)
London (1980)
Munich (1979) 
Frankfurt (1978)