Endorsements of Past Speaking Engagements

A truly engaging speaker, Patricia
was also instrumental in helping co-create the “Birth of a New Movement" in Canada.

This was a series of collaborative conferences between women suffering from Uterine Fibroids and some key Gynaecologists with an interest in elevating the awareness, education and advocacy of this challenging condition. The authentic patient narrative is so important to such an initiative and this is where Patricia acted both a leader and a passionate speaker at our 2 inaugural events.

The open and honest sharing of her own personal journey, as well as her in-depth understanding of both the clinical and systemic challenges of this chronic condition, was so instrumental in supporting others to share their story.

Even though her speaker duties were finished for this particular project, her passion and influence in this area continues to this day with the significant network of new patient “advocates” she has touched.

Michael Houlahan
Sandpile Healthcare Stakeholder Strategies Inc.


Exhilarating, motivating; this is how I describe having listened to Patricia speak at "The Body Electric" in Halifax.

Hitting topics on point is appreciated, but when Lee spoke to the audience there was an addition of humor, humility and experience which brought about a trust that made having listened worth while.

Tamara Fraser
The Body Electric; Annual Endocrine Forum


Patricia was on our speakers panel at the Halifax Women's Health Symposium in 2017
and has been invited to return for 2018. Her style combined with her extensive knowledge is so well mixed in with a sense of humor that allows the audience to relax yet digest every word. One of Patricia's more notable speaking qualities though, is her balanced approach to the topics placed before her. 

Sandra Wong
Women's Health Symposium


A sensational speaker, Patricia has her audience engaged from the moment she stands up.
A commanding speaking style is one of her strengths but the researched nature of her information. With technical skills that challenge the best in our industry, Patricia leads several of our forums offering concise and intelligent views with extremely logical summaries.

The world of technolgy changes fast and Patricia's contributions to our group is always on top of the game.

Jeff Colwell
Today's Skills Tomorrow
Vancouver, BC