Speaking engagements Rates and Booking Information

Available to speak globally; your rally, meeting, collaborate forum, workshop, seminar or other function will benefit from having Patricia Lee speak to your attendees.

Rates are based solely on speaking time; please keep in mind that travel, transfers and meals are the responsibility of the booking party, per the below details.

When inquiring about availability please include as many details about the range of topics, dates of attendance and other relevant information as possible. The breakdown below is general, should your requirements not be shown in the list please ask. 

Speaking engagement general fees

1000.00 1 day engagement, 2 hour or less
1400.00 1 day full day participation
1800.00 2 day engagement, 2 hour each or less
2400.00 2 day full day participation 
2600.00 Weekend full participatory 
6500.00 Week long participatory 

Flight and Hotel Transfers 

Air Canada is an international FAA regulated supplier of transport services. Flights via airline is a requirement of all speaking engagements and while 1st class is not necessary, meals on board should be added if not included in the flight itinerary. 

Preferred Hotels

Supporting a local 4 star hotel is always preferred as supporting local business is vital to any economy. Barring availability of space in a suitable local establishment, the following chains provide a standard of service and amenities that are globally recognized as consistent with 4 star quality. 

Four Seasons
Hyatt Regency
Hotel Marriot

Payment Policies 

Payment is by Certified Check or Money Order and required for submission prior to speaking. In the case of extended engagements (4 days or more) half may be submitted on arrival and half upon completion of the Workshop or Seminar.